English Literature

My first love was probably books. When I was young, I would read encyclopedia articles. I was overjoyed to have so much knowledge readily available. Then came comics, adolescent novels, and, finally, Ernest Hemingway.

Now that I can say I'm an English scholar, not much has changed. I still enjoy action, I still enjoy learning new information, and I still enjoy great fiction. I also read poetry now and write as well.

I make no claim to be an expert in anything, really. I'm working towards becoming a Walt Whitman expert, but that will take time. I can tell you what I've studied: essay composition, Shakespeare, American poetry from the beginning to contemporary works, same deal for British, science fiction, Victorian novels, adolescent novels, fiction writing, and writing poetry are the things that come to mind at the moment. Related in some ways to English but not part of the major, I have studied oral argumentation and theater.

While my plans are in the area of computer science, my hopes are in writing. Closely tied to this is my love for literature, which continues to grow and expand to include things I never imagined before.

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